Sunday, April 27, 2014


This is going to be the LoNgEsT bLoG pOsT eVeR!!! K, so tomorrow is my nephew's birthday so I thought I'd do this mani in his honor since he loves superheroes! 

Starting with the right hand! --
Good ol' Batman! I used Zoya's Raven, Purity, and Pippa. Raven went down first, then I used Purity to draw an oval. I topped that with Pippa (I put purity first so Pippa would show up!) Then I drew the bat symbol with black acrylic paint and a thin nail art brush.
Fantastic 4: I used a base of Sinful Colors Why Not. I used a dotting tool and white acrylic paint to make a circle, then used a thin nail art brush to draw a white circle around that. Then I used Why Not to make a 4 in the circle.
Superman: a base of Why Not, the symbol's shape in Purity so that Pippa would show up. Then I used a red acrylic paint to make the outline and the S.
Green Lantern: base color is Formula X for Sephora in Radioactive. Then I used a dotting tool and white acrylic paint to make a circle. For some reason this polish wants to bleed into the white (it was completely dry when I put the white on so who know what it's problem is!!) but it still looks ok. Using Zoya's Shawn and a dotting tool, I made a dot in the middle of the white and also drew lines above and below the circle with the same color. Using a smaller dotting tool and white acrylic, I made a dot in the center of the green dot.
The Flash: base of Nailtini Bloody Mary. I made a white dot with acrylic paint. The lightning bolt is Pippa.

The left hand! We're halfway there!!
Captain America: base of Purity. When that was completely dry, I put a star sticker in the middle of the nail. Then I painted Why Not in a circle around it. Using a nail art brush and Bloody Mary, I made two red rings. I then removed the sticker.
Spiderman: base of Bloody Mary. I made the web with Grey Matter and a nail art brush. I drew the spider with black acrylic paint. 
Wolverine: base of Pippa. I drew the mask with black acrylic paint and the eyes with Purity.
Iron Man: I thought about doing Iron Mans mask, but then decided to do the little symbol on his chest. Base of Zoya's Channing. Used a dotting tool to make a circle of Why Not. Then used black acrylic paint to fill in the lines and shapes. 
Hulk: base of Radioactive (ironically enough!). Radioactive symbol is Shawn. I then painted the tip with Indelible.

Of course I finished them off with a top coat of Seche Vite! 

Happy Birthday to my nephew! :) 

Who's your favorite superhero?? 

Purple and Sparkly

I decided to do these nails when I saw them on Instagram from user @makeuplovexo. I started with a purple on all nails but the ring finger--Formula X for Sephora in Indelible. Then I added a Formula X topper in Hyperactive to my thumb, pointer and pinky. With Rimmel London's Grey Matter and a thin nail art brush, I made two chevron shapes on the middle finger, then added two different sized pearls to the pattern. I used Zoya's Magical Pixie Dust in Cosmo on the ring fingers. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lacquer Legion April Prompt - Glam

So, I know the "unveiling" isn't supposed to be until the 28th, but I'm just so excited for this mani! I saw a similar mani somewhere on the internet and I didn't remember to note where it was from--so if it is a mani you created (not RE-created such as I did!!) then please comment and I will give you proper credit!

The colors from pinky to thumb are: Zoya's Robyn, Zoya's Mira, Essie's Mojito Madness, Essie's Big Spender, and Zoya's Dream; I applied one coat to each nail. Then, I placed a clear top coat on one nail at a time (to give the rhinestones something to stick to) and immediately placed the coordinating color of rhinestone on each nail with a dotting tool.

I did NOT put a top coat on top of the rhinestones! This is one of the only times I don't do this because it will ruin the "texture" :)

I thought this was the perfect embodiment of "Glam", don't you?? I feel like a little kid again (in a good way! ha!)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Nails

Ok guys, I used SO MANY different polishes for this mani, so stay with me!

From left to right: Seche Vite top coat (clear), Zoya's Mira (purple), then this purple is a custom mixed color (White mixed with Essie's Playdate), this green is a custom mixed color also (White with Nailtini's Bottle Green--from March's Lacquer Cabinet), for some of the striping work I used Bottle Green (on the left ring finger)(dark green) and some I used Essies Naughty Nautical (right ring finger)(lighter dark green), Zoya's Dot (light pink), ELF's Fluorescent Pink for striping on bunny ears and zig-zags (bright pink), Zoya's Pippa (yellow), Essie's Penny Talk for outlining zig-zags (coppery gold), Rimmel London's Grey Matter for outlining bunnies ears (grey), OPI's What's With the Cattitude (light blue), Zoya's Robyn (bright blue), Nailtini's Venom (black), and Zoya's Purity (white).

Phew! Ok on to the post! I saw the work I did on my left hand from Sammy, aka the Nailasaurus. You can check out her blog for more great looks ( From pinky to thumb I used the custom purple, custom green, Dot, Pippa, and What's With the Cattitude for bases on the left hand. Pinky: using a thin nail art brush, I made a vertical zig-zag using Fluorescent Pink, then outlined it with Mira. Ring finger: using a small nail art brush and a dotting tool, I created the zig-zags and dots using Bottle Green. Middle finger: with a small nail art brush, I made ears with Purity, made the insides of the ears with Fluorescent Pink, then outlined them with Grey Matter. Pointer: I made a horizontal zig-zag with Fluorescent Pink and a small nail art brush, then outlined it with Penny Talk. Thumb: I made zig-zags and dots with a small nail art brush and dotting tool using Robyn.

So on the right hand I did some of the same designs as on the left, but I got inspiration for the thumb from Instagram user @jauntyjuli--she does amazing nail art! The bunny on the pinky I saw on Instagram also from user @just1nail--she also has amazing nail art! I used the same colors as bases on this hand. Thumb: using a nail art brush I painted a bunny shape; I outlined it and made a tail with thin lines using Venom. I made grass using Naughty Nautical. Pointer: same as the left pointer. Middle finger: I painted a vertical zig-zag with What's With the Cattitude, outlined it with Bottle Green, and made dots with a dotting tool with Mira. Ring finger: Same as left but used Naughty Nautical instead of Bottle Green. Pinky: I made dots with a dotting tool and Mira. I made bunny's head with a large dotting tool and Purity, and it's ears with a thin nail art brush. I painted the insides of the ears and made the nose with Fluorescent Pink; the eyes are Venom.
And that pretty much wraps it up! These nails used the most colors I have done in a long time, and it was rather time-consuming, but I think the result is pretty darn cute! What are your Easter plans??

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Neon with Shades of Gray

I saw this nail idea from I started by painting a white base. Then, using a thin nail art brush, I painted upsidedown V's with Salon Perfect Yowza Yellow, a custom color made by mixing white and Rimmel London's Gray Matter, Gray Matter, and Zoya's Raven. I completely filled in the bottom portion with Raven. I added a diamond-shaped rhinestone to the ring finger's base. I finished with a coat of Seche Vite. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spiderman! Spiderman!

Does whatever a spider can! Ok ok, so I spent some time with my nephew yesterday, and last night when I was trying to decide what to do with my nails, I decided that since he is such a huge spiderman fan I'd do spidey nails! (Yes, I do have random thoughts--just because I spent a couple of hours with the lil dude, I decided 4 hours later when I was doing my mani that that's what I'd do! That's how my brain works peeps!) I had seen this mani on Nails 2 Die For's FB page a looooong time ago and loved it. 

I started with a base of Nailtini's Bloody Mary. Then using a black and a white Sally Hansen nail art pen, I drew in all the details. I think if I do this again, I'll use a very thin brush and acrylic paint for the details instead, because this was still just a little too thick of lines I think.