Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Nails

Wow, I can't believe it's already almost Halloween! These last few months have really snuck up on me!

I saw these Serum No5 polishes on @chalkboardnails on IG and I really wanted to try them out--I've never really seen glow polishes that are colored other than yellow (maybe I'm sheltered?). I ordered them from serumno5.com. 

So for these I did a black base (Orly Liquid Vinyl) on fingers 1, 3, & 5. I then painted my design on these fingers first with a white polish (OPI Alpine Snow) so that the polish will glow better. I painted a jack-o-lantern on the thumb, ovals for eyes on the middle finger, and a ghost shape on the pinky. Then I used Serum No5 Orange You Sunny on the thumb, Solar Power on the middle, and Krypton-Brite on the pinky. I used the black to make the pupils on the middle finger and the eyes and mouth on the pinky. 

For the pointer, I used Serum No5 I Gleam in Pink all over the nail, then black with a small brush to make the bat, two white dots for the eyes, and Solar Power over that to make them glow. 

For the ring finger, I used Serum No5 Ultra Violet all over the nail; then I used black and a small brush to draw a cat. I did the same with his eyes as I did with the bat.

As always I finished with a top coat! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Opal Nails

I saw this design from basecoat-topcoat.tumblr.com (also on IG @kellyohstein). I had to try it because I'm an October baby and our birthstone is an opal (sometimes some pink stone, but I like the opal better haha!). I had tried it once about a week or two ago and it came out terribly, so I thought I'd give it another shot. 

So, to save myself the trouble of having to remember the name of each and every polish, I'm going to post a photo of the polishes I used, and then just refer to the color instead of the name, that way if you want to know the exact color, you can check the pic! 
Ok then, moving right along! I started with a base coat (not shown--any will do!). Then using a light blue, I took the brush from the bottle and made random spots of color. I did the same with the light purple, light green, light pink, bright orange, and finally filling in spaces with yellow (it's ok to overlap--it will add to the effect!). I then applied a couple of coats of a sheer nude--you want it to look cloudy. I applied 1 coat of some micro glitter polish (not shown), but I don't think that's necessary as you can't even tell in the final result. 

I then took the smallest dotting tool I had and applied random dots and squiggles of each of the colors--I used one of my opal earrings to reference how much of each color I wanted. I applied some cellophane polish to add some chunky sparkle to it. I added a two more coats of nude polish to make it milky, then added some more cellophane polish. I finished with a top coat. 

I know - it's a ton of layers of polish! But that's how you get the cool milky effect of an opal! I actually am pretty pleased with how this turned out--I think it came pretty close to the earring I have pictured! Do you think I did it justice??

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Monkeys, Bananas, and Thermal Polish

I 💚 these little monkeys and bananas! I started with a base of PolishMeSilly's I'm Bananas Over You (two coats). When dry, I painted the monkeys on the thumb and ring fingers. I started with Zoya's Louisa and made the head shape; I made his ears with a dotting tool and the same polish. Using Zoya's Spencer and a large dotting tool, I made the inner part of the face; I used a small dotting tool and the same color. I took Zoya's Purity and a large dotting tool to make the whites of the eyes; using a smaller dotting tool, I made the pupils with Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chis; and with a teeny little dotting tool, I made light reflections in the pupils with the white. Using that same super small dotting tool and Louisa, I made 3 little hairs on top of his head. I then made a nose and a little tiny mouth with the same color/tool. For the other 3 fingers of each hand, I used a stamping plate from Winstonia. I first stamped the bananas with yellow (Zoya's Pippa), then filled them in with that same yellow. By the time I was done, they were dry enough to stamp over with black. I added a top coat and that's it! The top pics are of the thermal polish when your fingers are warm--it shows up as a light yellow. The bottom pics are after I've submerged my fingers in ice water--it turns to a bright green! Absolutely love this polish, it's so fun!

I found these monkeys on the YouTube channel called nailynails :)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Multichrome Nails With Stamping

I ordered a few bottles of these beautifu lmultichrome polishes from Polish Me Silly on Etsy! This one is called Mystery. It changes from a purple-ish red to a grass green. I just stare at them all day! Haha! Then I used a couple of stamps from my Cici and Sisi stamping kit to add just a little more to the thumb and ring fingers--a flower with flourishes on the thumbs and a couple of butterflies on each ring finger! I finished with a top coat and voila!