Monday, May 18, 2015

Warp Speed Wednesday--Avengers

This week's Warp Speed Wednesday prompt was "Avengers" (if you don't know what WSW is, go check out my previous post!). I was inspired by a mani I saw when I did a Google search--not sure of the persons name because it looked like it was gonna take me to a sketchy site so I didn't want to click on it lol! I painted each nail with an appropriate color for each "hero" and his "symbol". I then drew in the details with a small nail art brush and acrylic paint. I really like how it turned out! Who is your favorite avenger?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Warp Speed Wednesday - Flowers

This week's Warp Speed Wednesday theme was flowers. If you don't know what Warp Speed Wednesday is, you're missing out! Each Wednesday you post a manicure with the prompt for that week on Instagram and hashtag it #WarpSpeedWenesday--when you click on it, you get to see everyone's awesome interpretation of the prompt for that week! It's super fun and I've done some manis I never would have thought to do otherwise! You can join any time you'd like to! You can follow @louityourself and she posts each months prompt on her IG. Here's the ones for this month, just in case you wanna participate ;) 
 Here are my "flower" nails: 
I used a stamping plate from Born Pretty Store (BP20) for the flowers. I used a black stamping polish and I picked up the image with a Konad stamper. I then used all the polishes from InTheNameOfPolish's Hard Knock Life collection (minus Top of the Chrysler Building) to fill in each of the flowers with a thin nail art brush. I then added a top coat, let dry completely, peeled it off of the stamper, and stuck it to my nail. I removed any excess with nail scissors and nail polish remover, then added a quick dry top coat to ensure it stuck to the nail. I also added a piece of holo glitter to the centers of each flower. On the ring finger. I used Top of the Chrysler Building from InTheNameOfPolish--I put down a base layer, then used a cosmetic sponge to dab more layers on; this increases the amount of glitter on your nails without getting 3 miles thick! And that's it! This has been one of my favorites I've done in a long time! What do y'all think??